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Early and Pre-Gothic Literary Conventions & Examples (October 2015 Literary Meeting)

Welcome to the October 2015 Literary Meeting! The theme for this month’s Literary Meeting was Early and Pre-Gothic Literary Conventions & Examples.  This fall we’ve been doing something a little different in that our theme lasts all semester instead of … Continue reading

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Correction Regarding Interlands

Hello everyone, I just wanted to give a heads up that the first version of the Spooky Spotlight of Interlands by Vincent H. O’Neil mis-listed the title of his book as “Interludes” instead of “Interlands.”  Sorry about that.  If you … Continue reading

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Spooky Spotlight: Interlands, by Vincent O’Neil

A few weeks ago Vincent O’Neil approached me with his book, Interlands.  I was intrigued, and promised to write a review.  I’m still working on the review, but in the interest of the rapidly approaching end to this, the Spookiest of … Continue reading

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Podcast Review: Tanis Episode 1 “Seeking Tanis. Runner Available.”

In the first episode of Tanis, our host, Nic Silver, wonders if the Internet age might contain one last great mystery, an ancient myth known as “Tanis.” His exploration into the enigmatic Tanis begins by asking the seemingly simple question, … Continue reading

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