Spooky Scary Society

What we are:

A private group of friends and I formed a small literary and cinematic horror society a few months ago.  We call ourselves the Spooky Scary Skeletons Literary and Horror Society.  We meet twice a month.  The first meeting of the month is a literary meeting.  Our content is drawn from print and online sources, from classics to creepypasta.  Our second meeting each month is cinematic in nature, and usually includes various video shorts and one feature length film.  Often there will be a consistent theme for the month, but not always.

What we do:

My intention is to have this blog chart a parallel course to the group, in case anyone else finds what we’re doing interesting.  I’ll have content recaps of our meetings (so that you can follow along), a discussion of consistent themes or context for the works if applicable, as well as miscellaneous reviews and musings of stories and movies as I take the time to do them.  As the Chairman of the Spooky Society, I see my role as that of a teacher and a curator to those who have an interest in the genre but lack either the time or interest to dive into the primary material themselves to sort out what’s good, memorable, or enjoyable so that they can broaden their appreciation for horror.

Literary and Cinematic Meeting recaps: These posts recap our monthly literary and cinematic meetings.  They include a content list and some analysis of what we read and watched at that month’s meetings.  Generally, we hold one literary and one cinematic meeting per month, but we don’t always have a corresponding post for each meeting; sometimes the content doesn’t justify a post, sometimes it takes a while to write a post and in the interest of time it gets ignored, etc.  We’ll try to give at least one meeting recap post per month.

Reviews: These posts have no set schedule; I make them when I have something I want to say about something I’ve read/watched/listened to recently.  Sometimes I review things that have just come out, other times I review things that are old, and sometimes I review things that were just coming out a few weeks ago because I couldn’t find the time to write the review as quickly as I would have liked.  While reviews are certainly more useful when they are promptly published, we are less locked into release cycles these days so it’s still worth publishing them late.

Tuesday Spooky: It’s Tuesday again!  Time for your weekly dose of the Spooky, culled from around the web, the world, and life.  Every week I’ll have something new to send a shiver down your spine.  Sometimes I’ll have a lot to say about whatever I’m directing your attention to and other times I’ll pretty much just leave it out there for your edification without further comment from me.  Occasionally, I may write original content for things I’ve discovered rather than showing you something cool from the great wide world of the Spooky.

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